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Cliche much?

Truth be told, the blog title wasn’t my first choice, but it seems as though I’m not the only creative mind out there with a desire to plaster my thoughts all over an online diary. I agonized over what to name this thing, perhaps harboring some tiny flicker of hope that zillions of random strangers will feverishly type the address in over and over jonesing for regular updates (I’d settle for one or two loyal fans that aren’t somehow blood related).

Somehow, even though it wasn’t what I originally envisioned, Beaucoup Baby just fits.

Beaucoup (Boo – Coo for all you non-southerners) means many, ample, much, in abundance, galore and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe my life or the ideas that go whizzing about in my head. My brain is constantly on overdrive, my motivation and follow-through not so much.

I can assure you my intentions are always good, but I procrastinate with the best of them and I have a hard time focusing on any one thing for long. I wish that meant that I could accomplish a million things every day but in reality all it means is that I have a thousand unfinished projects around me at all times and a dozen more ideas crowding in. This blog is going to be an interesting experiment as I’ll be pitting my famously stubborn will against my uncharacteristically voracious ADD.

The Baby half of the title stands for not only a term of endearment but also for very young beings, and as my life currently revolves around a six month old little boy I have no doubt that post after post is going to be filled with my own personal wisdoms on mommy-hood.

Seriously though, it’s not all about him. Like I said before, I have a difficult time focusing on anything in particular and this blog is doubtless going to run the gambit of everything from social rants and product reviews to crafty projects, yard sale finds, and anything else that happens to strike my fancy. I own horses, dogs, and am a halfway decent cook. It’s guaranteed to be random and it will hopefully be amusing as well but it will also be pure, undiluted, me with no reservations and no apologies.


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